New Horizons for Family Equality Council, MassEquality

Family Equality Council’s director of public policy, Kara
Suffredini, has accepted a position as executive director for
MassEquality, which works to protect marriage equality and promote
a full equality agenda in Massachusetts. FEC’s senior legislative
counsel, Emily Hecht-McGowan, has been tapped to fill the director
of public policy position. Family Equality issued the following
statement by Executive Director Jennifer Chrisler.

“As a long time Massachusetts resident, I can think of no one
better than Kara to lead Mass Equality in this next phase of its
work. She is a seasoned movement leader, well-versed in state
legislative strategy and a visionary thinker who will work
tirelessly to improve the lives of LGBT people here in
Massachusetts and beyond. I am so grateful for her many years of
service to LGBT families and look forward to working closely with
Mass Equality to advance equality and promote the vibrancy of the
state’s LGBT community. I also look forward to having Emily as part
of senior staff at FEC. She will become the Director of Public
Policy, effective immediately. I have confidence her skills,
strategic thinking, and tenacity will help us achieve policy reform
for the one million LGBT families raising two million children.”