The Looney Tunes of Florida’s Candidate for Governor

A priceless cartoon and excellent editorial
in the Pensacola News Journal.

In an interview last week, McCollum — as attorney general
currently losing the state’s court case to retain a ban on
homosexual adoption — lashed out against gay foster parents,
saying that their legal right to take in foster children should be

Later in the week McCollum tried to mute the backlash by saying the
law should be “reviewed” and that he wouldn’t comment on the issue
until the case on adoption is settled. He also called his views
“personal” — which raises the question why he would inject them
into an election.

McCollum has revealed just how desperate he is to win the GOP
primary, even if it means trampling on the foster parent program.
With a constant need for both foster parents and adoptive parents,
the last thing these children need is for the state to go