Prop 8 and Families

The indispensable NYT columnist Frank Rich
it home:

Much has been said about the triumph of the odd-couple
legal team, the former Bush v. Gore adversaries Ted Olson and David
Boies, who opposed Prop 8 in court. But of equal significance is
the high-powered lawyer on the other side, Charles Cooper. He was
named one of the 10 best civil litigators in Washington in the same
National Law Journal list that included Olson and, in his
pre-Supreme Court incarnation, John Roberts. Yet, as Judge Walker
made clear in his 136-page judgment, Cooper, for all his talent and
efforts, couldn’t find facts to support his argument that full
civil marital rights for same-sex couples would harm the
institution of marriage, children or anyone else…

Boies and Olson produced nine expert witnesses with the relevant
professional and academic expertise lacking in Cooper’s duo and
compiled an encyclopedic record of empirical findings that
demolished the arguments for denying gay families equal rights
under the law.