Mariage Equality Arguments That Worked

David Boise, one of the rockstar lawyers fighting the gay marriage
ban in California, discussed at the Aspen Ideas Festival how his
legal team swayed the opposition’s witnesses. Boise:

It was…in some senses almost predictable. Once you
start down the road of forcing people to confront what’s really at
issue here–it’s easy to have a bumper sticker, a slogan that says
marriage is between a man and a woman, but when you begin to think
about the issues, you think about the harm that it causes, you
think about the gains that allowing people who are in love to marry
the person that they love and not forcing them to marry somebody
that they don’t love and aren’t attracted to, when you think about
the harm that’s done to the children, when you think about the lack
of any redeeming social desires that this kind of ban has, it is
inevitable that a rational person on the stand faced with those
kind of questions is going to admit that.

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