Family Matters: Two Moms and a Little Girl

Family Equality Council is launching “Family Matters,” a
storytelling series that highlights an LGBT family each week. 
Here is our first installment from Clio, in her own words.

We are two moms of a little girl who is a week shy of
her first birthday. When we sit together at the table and laugh as
she flings spaghetti onto the floor, there is no doubt in any of
our minds that we are a family. We’ve been planning on having
children since we met six years ago, and we find it unconscionable,
not to mention hurtful on a personal level, that our government-
the country we call our home- does not recognize us for who we are:
a purposeful family dedicated to social justice, giving back to the
world around us, and loving each other forever. We are a teacher, a
primary care doctor, and a little girl who can grow up to be and do
anything she wants.

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