Video: Georgia GOP Candidate Would Outlaw Gay Adoption, Says Gays Unfit to be Parents

Karen Handel, a Republican candidate for governor in Georgia, told
a local TV station (video below and
) she’s against marriage equality and supports outlawing
gay adoption.

Reporter: Would you favor outlawing
gay adoptions?
Handel: Yeah, I would consider that, absolutely.
Reporter: Do you know any gay couples with children?
Handel: Not that I’m aware of.
Reporter: So you think gay couples are less qualified to function
as parents than straight couples?
Handel: I think that for a child to be in a household — in a
family in a household with a situation where the parents are not
married, as in one man and one woman, is not the best household for
a child.

Interestingly, as
Politifact uncovered
, Ms. Handel used to be somewhat involved
in the LGBT community. Despite her denials now as a candidate,
records show Handel used to be a dues-paying member of the Log
Cabin Republicans.