Photos from Dept. of Labor Meeting on Family Medical Leave for LGBT Parents

Last month, the Department of Labor issued a new interpretation of
the Family Medical Leave Act. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis explained
what this new interpretation means in an
in The Advocate.

“[The] Labor Department’s interpretation of the
FMLA makes clear that children can get the support and care they
need from the people who love them and are responsible for them.
This is certainly a win for LGBT families, and it recognizes the
importance of a partner who shares in the parenting of a child in a
same-sex relationship.”

Pictured here are photos from the meeting at the Labor
Department where the Secretary heard from several voices in support
of the new interpretation. Our executive director, Jennifer
Chrisler, was invited to speak on the benefits of family medical
leave for LGBT families.

We brought in Naz Meftah, whom FMLA could have helped, to tell
her story to the Secretary. Meftah was also quoted in the New
York Times story
previewing the new interpretation of FMLA.