NOM’s Anti-Marriage Campaign in Washington, DC

DC residents know that the National Organization for Marriage is
walking the streets of our nation’s capital handing out leaflets
urging residents to vote this fall against our local officials who
support marriage equality.

The flyer reads, “Children do best when raised by both a
mother and a father. Last year eleven members of the DC city
council decided—by themselves—to redefine marriage to allow
people of the same sex to marry.” It goes on to urge people to 
“do your part and vote for their opponents” in the primary and
general elections.

We’re asking DC residents to call the mayor (202-724-8815) and
their councilmember (see list here) to thank them for voting for marriage
equality. A “thank you” will reinforce to these politicians
that they did the right, just, and reasonable thing. You can check
out NOM’s flyer to the right.

Family Equality was part of the Campaign for All DC Families, which
filed a brief supporting the DC Board of Elections and Ethics and
the District to keep marriage off the ballot. We are also ramping
up our work to pass the Respect for Marriage Act, which would
repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and restore the right of
all married couples to receive the benefits of marriage under
federal law.