Family Equality Council’s Statement on Extending Hospital Visitation Rights to Same-Sex Couples

CONTACT: Kevin Nix
Director of Communications
202.331-5015 (office)
202.431-5796 (cell)

WASHINGTON, April 15 – Family Equality Council responded to
President Obama’s directive requiring hospitals from denying
visitation rights to non-family, and to allow same-sex couples to
share medical power of attorney. Statement below is by Jennifer
Chrisler, Executive Director, Family Equality Council.

“As a LGBT parent I know that families everywhere are breathing a
sigh of relief knowing that at one of the worst moments of crisis,
partners can protect one another. Having been with Janice and her
family when their terrible ordeal happened and knowing her
children, I know that no one should suffer the kind of loss that
they did – not just the mother they loved but a chance to say
goodbye and have closure. Under this directive, a gay or lesbian
parent can have his or her spouse or significant other–along with
their children–at the bedside.  It’s past time gay and
lesbian couples have the very basic and simple right to hold their
partner’s hand at the hospital bedside.  I am grateful the
President recognizes that this is a vital step in helping protect
LGBT families in a great time of need. Finally, gay and lesbian
parents do not have to die alone. Now we’re making progress.”