Kudos to Kathleen

Congrats to
Washington Post conservative columnist and Pulitzer Prize winner
Kathleen Parker who has, like so many conservatives recently, seen
the light around marriage equality and LGBT families. In an
online Q&A
, she said, “I have softened my views on marriage
equality, partly as a result of studying this issue and having many
long, open talks with my gay friends and family. For me, it has
never been about rights for adults, but about the meaning and
purpose of marriage as it benefits society and children. Given that
perspective, however, I don’t see how we can say that one child’s
family is more important or better than another’s.”

She has that

There are one
million lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender families raising
about two million kids in the United States. It’s time
Congress steps up to face the stark reality that LGBT families
are really no different than straight families. Lawmakers
should pass the Uniting American Families Act, which allows
bi-national partners to remain in the United States with their
children and families and take up legislation sponsored by Rep.
Pete Stark (D-CA) that increases access to permanent, stable and
loving homes for the 500,000 kids currently in the foster care
system. There is no reason for any child to remain in the custody
of the state while there are potentially two million additional
qualified, responsible prospective LGBT parents ready to provide
loving, permanent homes.