Baby Steps in the Right Direction (But Steps Nonetheless)

Nix, Director of Communications

Gay and lesbian
families were never invited or welcome to the White House for the
annual Easter tradition during the George W. Bush years.  But
elections do have consequences. As we saw yesterday for the second
year LGBT families were not only welcome but invited to
participate in the egg roll frenzy attended by a reported 30,000
people. It was a feel good moment–considering how Family Equality
Council had to fight to get LGBT families on the White House
grounds in 2006.

We proudly recognize
the importance of, and deeply appreciate, the more LGBT
family-friendly social calendar of the current Administration. And
FEC would like to see this President and this Congress become more
engaged on legislative change.

One million gay
parents are raising about two million kids, but these families are
facing all kinds of obstacles—simply because of their sexual
orientation or gender identity.  We urge President Obama to
endorse the Every Child Deserves a Family Act, which would open
doors to 2 million potential additional homes for the 500,000
children currently in the foster care system.

Congress also must
step up to the plate this spring and take up the employment
non-discrimination act—so people don’t get fired for being gay
or transgender—and the Uniting American Families Act, which
would secure equal immigration rights for same-sex couples.
Shouldn’t Democrats and Republicans in Washington be passing
legislation that serves to strengthen all families, gay and
straight? Isn’t family the bedrock of, well,