Breaking: District of Columbia Mayor Signs Marriage Equality Bill

Mayor Adrian Fenty exclaimed, “It’s done, everyone!” after he
signed a bill this morning that would end discrimination in
marriage against LGBT families in the District of Columbia. With
that, the nearly 4,000 LGBT headed families living in the District,
and most importantly their children, have been told they are
equally deserving of the benefits, protections, and societal
recognition full marriage equality brings. The City Council
brought us to today’s signing by passing the bill overwhelmingly
two times, most recently on November 15, 2009, by a vote of

In these economically uncertain times, we need elected leaders who
will act so swiftly and boldly to recognize and protect all of our
nation’s families. The Family Equality Council applauds the
courage, compassion and common sense of the City Council and Mayor
Fenty in bringing marriage equality to our Nation’s Capitol. We
will continue to ensure the real stories of real families are heard
until the hearts and minds of our national leaders who live in the
District, working, socializing, and raising children alongside
thousands of LGBT families every day, follow the lead of the
District and send the message to our entire nation that
ALL families are equal.

Although today is a significant step forward, our work to ensure
this measure becomes law in the District is not yet done. Because
of the District’s unique jurisdictional status, all bills passed by
the Council and signed by the Mayor must go to Congress for a
review period of thirty legislative days. While Congress is not
expected to intervene and stop the legislation from becoming law,
marriage equality advocates are currently working to fend off
attempts to force a 2010 ballot initiative banning marriage
equality in the District. As the leading national LGBT family
advocacy organization, we are proud to be supporting the leadership
of the Campaign for All DC Families as it works to clear each of
these hurdles and secure marriage equality in the District of