ENDA update: Call Representative George Miller at 202-225-3725 and ask for the U.S. House Committee on Education and Labor to schedule the Vote on ENDA.

we alerted you earlier this month, a House committee vote on the
Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), was originally scheduled
for Wednesday, November 18, but was then postponed at the last
vote on ENDA now hangs in the balance!

To ensure that
ENDA moves forward, we need to you call the Committee and
Representative George Miller at 202-225-3725 and ask for the
Committee to schedule the Vote on ENDA before the end of this

enacted ENDA would prohibit discrimination in the workplace by
making it illegal to fire, refuse to hire or refuse to promote an
employee based on the person’s sexual orientation or gender
identity. Currently, federal law provides legal protection against
employment discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion,
national origin, age and disability, but not sexual orientation or
gender identity. If enacted into law, ENDA will become the first
federal law forbidding discrimination in employment on the basis of
sexual orientation and gender identity in all 50 states.

In addition to the critically
important legal implications of ENDA and DPBO, these bills also
have symbolic value that should not go unrecognized. Children who
have LGBT parents should not grow up feeling that their country
does not value the economic stability and success of their parents
and their families. This legislation reaffirms the importance and
equality of ALL Americans. 

As the leading national LGBT
family advocacy organization, Family Equality Council is proud to
have submitted written
about the devastating consequences that employment
discrimination has not only for the individual LGBT worker, but for
the families, partners and children who depend upon them.