Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition receives state honors

Today the House of Representatives in the Commonwealth of
Massachusetts honored the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition for
their commitment to fighting
for justice, equality, and safety on behalf of transgender
This is a very deserving honor for an
organization that has shown exemplary leadership in ending
discrimination on the basis of gender identity and gender
expression in Massachusetts. Family Equality Council is honored to support
MTPC and its efforts to pass the long overdue transgender
nondiscrimination bill (House Bill #1728 and Senate Bill #1687) in
the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Back on April 7, 2009 the entire Boston staff of Family Equality Council lobbied at the Massachusetts
Statehouse in support of
House No. 1728
, a bill aimed at ending hate crimes and
discrimination based on gender identity and expression. (Sexual
orientation is already included in current law.) Current
Massachusetts law fails to protect transgender people from
harassment and violence, from being arbitrarily fired, evicted or
denied loans, or prohibited access to homeless shelters, domestic
violence safe houses and other places of public accommodation
because of their gender identity and expression.  If passed, the
bill would prohibit discrimination against transgender people in
employment, housing, public accommodations (hotels, restaurants,
etc.), education and credit laws. Family Equality Council has
prioritized securing these basic protections for Massachusetts’
LGBT families because safe neighborhoods and schools, the ability
to earn a living, access shelter, rent a family home, or get a
mortgage are at the foundation of happy, healthy families.

To learn more about what you can do to support the transgender
nondiscrimination bill visit