Maine Voters Overturn Marriage Equality

The battle for
marriage equality took a hard hit today. Yesterday voters in Maine
stripped marriage away from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender
(LGBT) individuals.

“In the long march to full
equality, today we pause to grieve with and for the families and
children who have temporarily lost the promise of equality under
Maine law. Our freedoms have been stripped away, but we must and
will win them back. When the rawness of our pain and grief lessens,
LGBT families will do what they do so naturally — stand together
and tell our stories. Connecting with other families has always
been the key to educating, dreaming and inspiring hope which will
lead to the changing of enough hearts and minds to win our freedom.
Our visibility as LGBT families is strong and providing positive
results nationwide. The fight will continue and we will again make
marriage a reality for our families in Maine.”

–Jennifer Chrisler,
Executive Director
Family Equality


While this is a disappointing
initial result, the fight for LGBT equality will continue. Family
Equality Council will continue to fight with LGBT families for full
equality until it is achieved across the U.S.

“And I’m proud of this campaign because the stories
we told and the images we shared were of real Mainers — parents
who stood up for their children, and couples who simply wanted to
marry the person they love” said Jesse Connolly, Campaign Manager,
NO on 1 / Protect Maine Equality

Family Equality Council
thanks NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality as well as all the families
and individuals who fought so hard for equality.

What Can LGBT Families Do


Share your

Meet with community leaders,
friends, colleagues and members of your PTA to tell them your story
and why these laws are important to your family. You can also email
your story to Family Equality Council so we may put it to work
overturning these terrible attacks on our families.



By being active in your local
community through your children’s schools, places of worship,
local events, you will educate others and show that ALL families
deserve equal protection.


Stay Connected with other
LGBT Families
Joining Family Equality
Council on Facebook and Twitter is
the best way to connect with other LGBT families and keep
up-to-date on current issues and exciting initiatives that benefit
all of our families.