Family Equality Council applauds inclusion of LGBT families in the Housing and Urban Development programs

U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Shaun Donovan
announced a series of proposals to ensure that HUD programs are
open to all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender
as well as the first-ever nationwide survey of housing
discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender
(LGBT) people.
This historic announcement
explicitly addresses discrimination based on sexual orientation and
gender identity for the first time by a federal agency.

Back in June of this year,
Jennifer Chrisler, Executive Director of Family Equality
attended President Obama’s signing of the Presidential Memorandum that extended some domestic
partner benefits to federal employees. At that time, President
Obama also stated an initiative requiring the heads of all federal
agencies to identify other opportunities to ensure equality in
government services and programs for LGBT people.

“We applaud Secretary
Donovan for his leadership and President Obama for following
through on his promise,” Chrisler said. “The proposed HUD
actions are a great step towards full inclusion of LGBT families in
federal programs and services. Family Equality Council looks
forward to continuing to work with the Obama Administration in the
future as it takes the next steps to ensure equal protection and
treatment of all American families.”

According to
today’s announcement, the proposed rule by HUD will make three
important changes to federal regulations. First, it includes
language that ensures LGBT families are recognized and covered by
HUD programs, including affordable housing assistance.  Second it
requires organizations that administer HUD grants to abide by state
and local laws that prohibit discrimination based on sexual
orientation and gender identity. Third it prohibits consideration
of factors other than creditworthiness, including sexual
orientation and gender identity, in the awarding of mortgage loans
insured by the Federal Housing Administration. 

 “As a parent
your highest priority is taking care of your children.

Family Equality
Council’s mission is to help create and raise happy, healthy
families. Central to family is the ability to rent an apartment or
buy a house and make a home. These proposed regulations would
prohibit discrimination LGBT families experience everyday in
searching for apartments or home loans. The proposals would also
remove obstacles for some of our most vulnerable families by
removing barriers to access to HUD’s affordable housing
assistance programs.
” – Jennifer Chrisler,
Executive Director, Family Equality Council

Currently Family
Equality Council, with the generous pro bono assistance of Bryan Cave, LLP, has
been analyzing all federal programs and services to ensure LGBT
families are fairly and accurately represented. LGBT families are
tax paying citizens who deserve equal access to federal programs
and services. Family Equality Council is proud to support a number
of federal bills benefiting LGBT families.

Follow this link to view Family Equality
Council’s press release.