Congratulations to Equality North Carolina: NC House Passes Anti-Bullying Bill for Schools

Yesterday afternoon, June 23rd, the North Carolina House passed
House Bill 548, the School Violence Prevention Act by a margin of
58-57. The bill now awaits the signature of Governor Bev Perdue,
who is expected to sign it.

This victory is a historic event in North Carolina and the South.
Yesterday, North Carolina stood against discrimination and
violence, and made it a point to protect all children, regardless
of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. The bill also
protects children with LGBT parents.

We tip our hat to Equality North Carolina, the bill’s lead advocate, who
worked tirelessly with volunteers and fellow activists to encourage
the NC Legislature to pass the bill. The Family Equality Council
was proud to assist Equality North Carolina by mobilizing our North
Carolina supporters to contact their representatives and
encouraging our national partners to do the same with their local

Congratulations again to everyone who made this possible and
Equality North Carolina for their tireless work.