Welcome, Interns! Pt. 3

This post is an interview with one of our new interns. Welcome,

Who are you?

Hello! My name is Bryan, I’m a rising junior and an English major
at Haverford College, and I grew up in a small town outside of
Boston called Boxborough, MA.

What brought you to Family Equality Council? What interests you
about LGBT

I’ve worked in the past as a camp counselor and a constituent
services intern in a congressional office, and I wanted to put
those skills to work this summer doing something family-oriented
that would also reflect my belief in social justice. To me, the
Family Equality Council represents the perfect blend of both of
these things – enabling me to interact with LGBT families while
also engaging in the push for equality for the LGBT community.

Do you remember a specific moment or story that made you become
an advocate for equality? For LGBT families specifically?

I can’t think of a specific moment that galvanized my decision to
become an advocate for equality, but recent political developments
across the country definitely helped inspire me to become more
involved with LGBT issues. I’m very proud that so much progress
has been made here in New England, but it’s clear that there
remains much to be accomplished.

What are you most looking forward to about working with Family
Equality Council?

I’m very excited to be working with LGBT families this summer; I
think that should be a great experience. Also, as an intern working
with the development associates, I’m looking forward to learning
more about the fundraising aspects of a non-profit like the Family
Equality Council.

Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?

Whereas I don’t have a specific career in mind, I would love to
be able to continue doing work with organizations like the Family
Equality Council after I graduate from college.