Welcome, Interns! Pt. 2

This post is an interview with one of our new interns. Welcome,

Who are you?

My name’s Amanda Whelan. I was born in Maryland and when I was 10
my family moved to Wellesley, just outside of Boston. I go to
school at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in upstate New York and
I study International Relations.

What brought you to Family Equality Council? What interests you
about LGBT families?

I came to Family Equality Council because I was looking for a
summer internship that dealt with human and civil rights. The FEC
was right up my alley – it deals with civil rights and helps to
protect families that are being ignored and denied by the
government. Fighting for equality isn’t just about gaining
tolerance, it’s about being accepted as equal citizens with equal
rights, not just people who are being put up with for the sake of
political correctness. Tolerance is important, but it’s just a
step on the path to equality, not the goal.

Do you remember a specific moment or story that made you become
an advocate for equality? For LGBT families specifically?

I don’t actually remember a specific point in time when I
suddenly started advocating LGBT rights. I can’t remember when I
first came to understand that there was more than just one type of
sexual orientation, but I can remember not understanding why anyone
would be “against” it. Everyone has the right to pursue
happiness and being able to love in peace is a part of that.

In regards to LGBT families specifically, I think it’s important
to not only represent LGBT as individuals, but also as members of
families, of communities. It’s much too easy for some people
today to see LGBT as something separate from society as if the gay
community were somehow gated.

What are you most looking forward to about working with Family
Equality Council?

I’m looking forward to making a difference and learning skills that
will help me continue this line of work later on in my life. I’m
also really looking forward to Family Week. Meeting and working
with people will be great.

Know what you want to be when you grow up? ; )

A rock star. No, wait, an astronaut. No, wait, an astronaut who
rocks out.

Also: a lawyer or member of Congress.