Congress Hears Testimony on LGBT-inclusive Healthy Families Act

Progress has been made to pass the Healthy Families Act, an act which will provide
seven paid sick days a year for workers to recover from their own
illnesses or to care for sick family members. Sponsored by Sen.
Edward Kennedy (D-MA) and Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT), this
bill includes LGBT families.

On Thursday, June 11th, Congress held the first-ever hearing on the
Act. Information from a study conducted by Human
Impact Partners and the San Francisco Department of Public Healthy,
commissioned by the National Partnership for Women and Families,
has shown that the Healthy Families Act would significantly reduce
the spread of pandemic and seasonal flu by allowing workers to
comply with public health advice.

The Act would also protect the general public from the transference
of germs by sick workers in restaurants and nursing homes. It would
allow workers to avoid expensive hospitalization, death and would
help people recover more quickly.

A new study from the Center for Economic and
Policy Research finds that mandatory paid sick days do not lead to
higher unemployment.

The Family
Equality Council
is proud to support this legislation. We
encourage you to contact Congress and show them your support. Click
here to get started!