Welcome, Interns! Pt. 1

This post is an interview with one of our new interns. Welcome,

Who are you?

My name is Ian Hedges, and I am a Program Intern this summer at
Family Equality Council. I was born and raised in Charleston, West
Virginia. I currently attend Beloit College in Beloit, Wisconsin,
where I am studying International Relations with a concentration in
globalization and human rights.

What brought you to Family Equality Council? What interests you
about LGBT

I was looking for a summer internship that involved activism and
queer issues. I found the Family Equality Council through an
internet search engine, and immediately sent my cover letter and
résumé to the Director of Programs. I was impressed with the
application process because the response time was quick, and I was
immediately contacted for an interview. After being accepted into
the internship program, I immediately accepted the organization’s
offer because I was really excited to work with the people that had
contacted and interviewed me. I have always taken interest in LGBT
families because it is a sector within the gay community where I
have many ties, and I feel that these families are sometimes not
recognized within this great community.

Do you remember a specific moment or story that made you become
an advocate for equality?

When I was in high school, I started a film project for a class
about any sexuality issue of my choice. I decided that I wanted to
film a lesbian couple, Barb and Nina with their son, Hudson. During
my interviews and interactions with them, I learned about all the
hardships they faced. One notable hardship was the local YMCA not
letting them join the facility as a family, meaning they would have
to individually join as members and not receive a discounted price.
After finishing the project, I wanted to become more involved with
the LGBT community, so I went to my first pride parade. Since then,
my involvement with the queer community has been undying.

What are you most looking forward to about working with Family
Equality Council?

I am looking forward to being directly involved with a national
organization dedicated to LGBT equality. I have always done
small-scale projects with my friends in college, but I have never
worked for a national group that has made positive and dynamic
change for equality. Also, I am really excited to work for a
non-profit organization, since my job experience was limited to the
public sector and political campaigns.

Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?

My plans after college will probably involve going to graduate
school. After graduate school, I really want to work for a
non-profit organization or think-tank dedicated to global issues. I
have also considered going to law school instead of graduate
school; in that case, I would really like to pursue a career in
legal aid.