Clinton, Obama issue pride proclamation for June

On June 1st, Secretary of State
Hillary Rodham Clinton issued remarks in support of LGBT rights and in honor of the
beginning of LGBT Pride Month.

Sec. Clinton begins her remarks by recognizing
the history and hardships of the LGBT movement for equality. She
goes on to express the gratitude of the State Department and
throughout the Administration for the LGBT employees in Washington
and all around the world. She recognizes the sacrifices and global
contributions of the LGBT community and their families.

She calls for the end of persecution against
LGBT people, calling it a “violation of human rights and an
affront to human decency.” She proposes a comprehensive human
rights agenda that would end the discrimination and violence
against people based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Sec. Clinton ends her remarks by saying that
the road before us is long but that the examples of those who fight
for equal rights gives us hope for a future in which people are
allowed to live in freedom and safety, “no matter who they are or
whom they love.”

President Obama has also made similar
statements in his proclamation declaring June to be officially
LGBT Pride Month. He reminds us of his appointments of openly LGBT
people in the Administration and the Senate, his efforts with the
United Nations to “decriminalize homosexuality”, his work
towards ending Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and then commends the LGBT
community for its work against the HIV/AIDS pandemic. And while
this is only the second time the month has been endorsed by a
President of the United States (the first being President

As we continue working to ensure that federal,
state and local governments fully recognize our families, it’s
encouraging to know that our top officials are public supporters of