LGBT families and friends reacting to Prop 8

Now that the California Supreme Court  has upheld Prop 8 — and
the marriages legally performed in CA last year — the media will
cover the LGBT and allied reaction. The Family Equality Council is
working to ensure that LGBT family voices are heard. As we work
with media and hear from you, we’ll post excerpts and links from
articles, blog posts, and other items featuring LGBT families and
their friends.

Have you written something about the Prop 8 decision or know of an
article that features LGBT family members or discusses the impact
of Prop 8 on LGBT families? Email and I’ll add it to
this post. 

San Francisco Chronicle, “Same-sex marriage
protesters stop traffic”

(May 27, 2009) Children with LGBT parents discuss their families’
participation in Prop 8 protests, in some cases resulting in

ABC News, “California Upholds Gay Marriage

(May 26, 2009) Jim Schnobrich of Pasadena, CA is a husband and
father of two. We put Jim in touch with ABC News when the decision
came down. Thank you, Jim, for reflecting on this very emotional
decision as it unfolded.

Huffington Post, “Gay Moms Doing Well, in Spite of
Prop 8”

(May 26, 2009) Elizabeth Gregory wrote in this morning, sharing a
link to her article on Huffington Post. A researcher, Gregory
reflects on gay motherhood in light of the Prop 8 ruling.

Huffington Post, “CA Supreme Court Cuts the
Marriage Equality Baby in Half–and It Hurts”

(May 26, 2009) Longtime friend of Family Equality Council, Leah
McElrath Renna reflects on the mixed emotions a mixed ruling