Wearing Rainbows: Simple Acts to Show Your Faith Inclusion

Last week the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s Institute for
Welcoming Resources
, Family Equality Council and COLAGE launched a
multimedia, LGBT family-inclusive faith curriculum called All in God’s Family: Creating Allies for Our LGBT
. (Click here to read our joint press

Since then, we’ve been asking LGBT parents and allies to share stories with us about their faith communities.
Are they already welcoming and inclusive? What do they do to make
your family feel embraced? What could they do better?

I got an email from Sharon of Naperville, IL this morning. She
wanted to tell us about her welcoming and affirming church:

“My partner, Janice and I, were church shopping in Naperville,
IL in the early 1990’s. Some close friends of my partner attended
First Congregational Church in Naperville which is a United Church
of Christ church so we checked it out. On our first visit, a member
came up to us wearing a pink triangle pin so we asked him why he
was wearing it and it was outreach to GLBT people to let them know
the church is inclusive.”

The simple act of wearing a pink triangle, a symbol of the LGBT
community, sparked Sharon and Janice’s interest and signaled to
them that a welcoming door was open.

“We’ve been attending ever since. We have 9 year old twins now
and I teach Sunday school and am co-leader of our Christian
Education Ministry. We feel we are part of our church family in
every way. Right when we joined the church, they were in the
process of trying to become open and affirming which we did become
the following year. Every member’s name tag has a rainbow on it and
we recently employed a lesbian Youth and Family pastor. There are 2
other lesbian families and a couple of GLBT couples in our
congregation. Our sign outside the building has a rainbow with the
words ‘We are open and affirming’ on it.”

Now that Sharon and Janice’s family are settled in their own
welcoming and affirming church, they’re helping others become move
along the path.

“We are helping my partner’s sister, Jackie, help her UCC
church become open and affirming. I am passing
[All in God’s
Family] onto her.”

Want to use All in God’s Family as a resource in your
faith community, or pass it on to someone you know? Click here to learn more and order your copy

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