Jennifer Chrisler Reflects on 5 Years of Marriage in MA

Yesterday — May 17th — was the 5-year anniversary of marriage
equality in Massachusetts. Jennifer Chrisler, executive director of
Equality Council
and longtime Bay Stater, reflected on the significance of marriage
equality for her family in this past week’s issue of Bay Windows, New
England’s largest LGBT newspaper.

Here’s an excerpt:

Cheryl and I are fiercely proud of our state; it’s a pride we
want to instill in our kids. When I started thinking about the
“intangible” benefits of marriage equality, what they were for my
family, I went straight to the source — Tim and Tom, now seven
years old, hoping they had an appreciation for what equality

I asked them if it mattered to them that Mom and Mama are
married. They said they kind of remembered being at the ceremony
and that was cool, they guessed. I pried a little: But what about
at school? Does it make a difference to your friends — that they
know you have two moms and they’re married? I could tell by their
faces it was like I’d asked them to solve a riddle (or help with
the dishes). Then Tom piped up:

Well, it would matter if, like, Mom had to live in a hotel and
we didn’t get to see her all the time, if we didn’t all live
together as a family.

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