One Woman’s Journey from Daddy to Maddy

Finney Boylan
is a transgender woman, parent, spouse and author
of ten books.

She recently told her family story in the New York Times’s column,
“Modern Love.” Jenny gives a wonderful account
of a family dealing with change, starting right around the time her
young children dubbed her “Maddy.” Her article is a compelling and
sweet read.

From “Maddy Just Might Work After All”:

In the end, the prayer was answered, although not in the way I
had expected. Because of the love of my spouse, Deedie, not to
mention that of my boys, I found the courage, somehow, to traverse
the weird ocean between men and women, to make the voyage not only
from one sex to another, but from a place where my life was defined
by the secrets I kept to a new one, where almost everything I’d
ever held in my heart could finally be spoken out loud.

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