Wed: National LGBTQ Equality Story Summit!

Post-election analysis from the Prop 8 campaign shows that
one-on-one storytelling is one of the most effective ways to bring
people to the side of equality. It’s not enough just to tell people
that something is wrong or unjust. For better or worse, to make
inequalities matter to people, we’ve got to tell them how
inequalities hurt us and our families–concretely.

That’s why, Family Equality Council and
others are bringing you the “National LGBTQ Equality Story Summit”
tomorrow, Wednesday, April 22nd! This This online storytelling
event will take place simultaneously from coast to coast
(6:00pm-7:30pm PST, 9:00pm-10:30pm EST). Experienced trainers will
share their knowledge about storytelling with all who participate.
Register in advance to get access to training
materials,  call-in information and more.

Can’t make it, but have a story about how discrimination
hurts your family?
Visit our “Share Your Story” page to share with us. Your stories
are powerful. Tell us how discrimination hurts your family and you
will help us win equality for all.

Here’s an example.

Jeff’s story:

“A few years back, I had a heart attack the day of my husband’s
mother’s funeral. Our son, Joshua, was just three years old then.
We weren’t legally married. My husband, Andy, rushed to the
hospital. When he got there, he didn’t have all of our legal
documents with him. The nurses told him he couldn’t sign any of my
paperwork, as he was ‘not family.’ Andy had to call my mother to
get our paperwork so he could take care of me. That night, he slept
without me in our home after twenty years of being together, as I
lay touch-and-go in the hospital—a father, husband and
second-class citizen. No family should feel that vulnerable. Our
state should recognize our families’ commitments as much as we do.
Since my heart attack, I’ve become a daily advocate for LGBT
families and marriage equality, telling my story to anyone who’ll
(Pictured: Joshua, Jeff and Andy. Photo courtesy of
The Agenda Blog.)