Transgender Equality Lobby Day

Last Tuesday, April 7, the entire Boston staff of Family Equality
Council lobbied at the Massachusetts Statehouse in support of

House No. 1728
, a bill aimed
at ending hate crimes and discrimination based on gender identity
and expression. (Sexual orientation is already included in current
law.) If passed, the bill would prohibit discrimination against
transgender people in employment, housing, public accommodations
(hotels, restaurants, etc.), education and credit laws,
dramatically improving the legal standing of transgender and gender
nonconforming people in the Bay State. Staff met as constituents
with their representatives and senators to explain how safe
neighborhoods and schools, the ability to earn a living, rent a
family home, or get a mortgage are at the foundation of all happy,
healthy families and how Family Equality Council is committed to
securing those basic guarantees for our transgender parents and
their children.

The lead organization behind
the bill and the organizer of the Transgender Equality Lobby Day is
our partner,
Transgender Political Coalition
(MTPC). MTPC’s lobby day was a huge success, with over
300 Massachusetts residents out in support of transgender equality.
To read more about it, including comments from MTPC’s director
Gunner Scott visit
See pictures here:

Help ensure equality
for all families in Massachusetts!
Contact your
legislators and ask them to support the bill

House No. 1728
. If your state
senator or representative is a co-sponsor of the bill, don’t forget
to thank them for their support.
Click here to find
out if your legislators are co-sponsors. To find out who your state
legislators are visit