Vermont Legislature Votes for Marriage Equality!

The Vermont House and Senate voted today to override Governor Jim
Douglas’s veto of the marriage equality bill they passed last
week. The vote makes Vermont the fourth state with marriage
equality and the only one to achieve equality through the
legislative process, rather than a court case. The law goes into
effect September 1, 2009. To read more about the Vermont victory
pictures from this momentous event at Karen Pike’s photo
. Don’t forget to thank your
senator and representative for their vote in this historic win for

D.C. Council Votes to Recognize Marriages Performed

In more good news, the District of Columbia Council voted
unanimously in favor of recognizing marriages of LGBT couples
performed outside D.C. Next, the bill goes to another vote on May
5, after which, if passed again, it will go to Mayor Adrian Fenty
for approval and a final review by Congress. Click here to
thank D.C. Council members and to ensure they vote in favor on May
5. To read more about Tuesday’s vote
click here

Go equality!