Prop 8 and Families: A Compilation

I’ve been writing for some time now about how Prop 8 impacts
families and children. Here’s a compilation of posts and columns
I’ve written on the subject. The right-wing has long tried to own
the argument of “the best interests of children.” They couldn’t be
more wrong.

You might also want to take a look at HRC’s new Web site,, which directly
addresses right-wing lies and distortions used to defeat LGBT
equality measures and allows for grassroots response. The site
launched yesterday with a petition against Ken Starr, who has
argued that Prop 8 should stand because of the state’s role in
protecting the welfare of children

Finally, don’t forget the Family Equality Council’s own Declare Your Family
video that they put together shortly after Prop 8 passed.
(You can also view it, along with over 60 other videos by, for, and
about LGBT families, at the Mombian YouTube

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