Children of LGBT Parents Speak Out on Prop 8

The Bay Area
has an article out this week featuring children with
LGBT parents speaking out against Prop 8. The article features
12-year-old Abby Bergman, daughter of Kim and Natalie Bergman. Kim
is the co-chair of Family Equality Council’s Board of Directors.
The family, including daughter Jenna, live in Culver City, CA.

From the article:

In Los Angeles, 12-year-old Abby Bergman said she repeated to
herself that Prop 8 wasn’t going to pass, as if she could will it
away, and felt “really surprised and let down by the people of
California” when it passed.

She said she’s also afraid of what might be coming.

“What’s going to happen to my family?” she said. “What are they
going to try to pass through next?”

In school, Bergman made a silkscreen for a T-shirt that shows an
eight with a line through it, calling for the elimination of “H8.”
She said she’s going to be involved with Prop 8 “until we get it

Abby’s mother Kim Bergman wrote in an e-mail that after Prop 8
passed, “It helped to have her see that in her lifetime anyone will
be able to marry – we talked to her about how it used to be that
people of different races couldn’t get married and how silly that
seems now.”

She added that she and her wife told their daughters “to forgive
the people who were swayed by hate and ignorance and not to hate
them back, but to keep telling people who we are to help change
their hearts and minds.”

Bergman and her wife, Natalie, married in Canada in 2006 and have
been together for 26 years.

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