48 Hours Left to Participate in Largest Ever Study of Transgender Discrimination

The following is a message from our friends at the National
Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE):

collaboration with the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force has
already heard from more than 6,000 transgender and gender
non-conforming people about the discrimination we face. We need you
to be part of this historic study that will provide critical data
that we need as we advocate for fully transgender inclusive

There are only two days left for you to be included in the largest
ever study of transgender people and our experiences of
discrimination. If you haven’t filled out the survey yet, please do
so now. We need you. If you have already taken the survey, thank
you. Please encourage others to fill it out as well.

The survey is available in Spanish and English.

To participate in Spanish, click on SPANISH SURVEY
To participate in English, click on ENGLISH SURVEY