BREAKING: MN Safe Schools for All Bill Introduced!

Today, Minnesota State Senators Dibble, Wiger, Rummel and Saxhaug
introduced S.F. No. 971, the “Safe Schools for All” bill developed
by Rainbow Families, the Midwest Office of Family
Equality Council and OutFront Minnesota. This important bill will
strengthen existing bullying and harassment laws with express
protection for children of LGBT parents and provide clearer
implementation and enforcement mechanisms. It has received the
endorsement of Education Minnesota, the state’s powerful teachers

Right now, it’s important that you do three things to ensure safe
schools for all families in Minnesota:

1.   CONTACT:  Call your legislators and ask
them to support the bill. Tell them, “I support S.F. 971 because I
believe schools should be safe for all students and families.” You
can enter your address to find out who your legislators are and get
their contact information here. (If the senators listed above represent you,
please contact them to say thank you. It goes a long way!)

2.   FORWARD:  Tell your friends and family
about this bill. Call them up and/or send them a link to this post
( Encourage
them to contact their legislators with the same message above.

3.   REPLY:  Your stories of bullying,
harassment and discrimination in schools will help us pass this
bill. Legislators–your representatives–will want to see and hear
how enacting this bill will correct current and past wrongs. If you
have a relevant story–big or small–click
to share it with us. Your experience just might convince
the final legislator to vote for our families’ needs.

Read the bill as
introduced this morning.
We’ll keep you updated and invite
you to participate in the passage of this crucial bill for our
families and all families in Minnesota. Please take action today to
jumpstart our efforts, and stay tuned for more.