APA Releases New Studies on LGBT Stress

The American Psychological Association recently released three new studies on LGBT stress. These studies
specifically look at the effects of anti-LGBT ballot initiatives on
the emotional well-being of LGBT people, their family and

Giving scientific voice to what we in the LGBT and allied community
already know to be true, these studies show a marked increase in
stress levels in states where anti-LGBT ballot initiatives are
filed and pass.

Fear for one’s personal (including physical) safety and concerns
about one’s status as a U.S. citizen are recurring themes.

The APA is issuing a special edition of its Journal of
Counseling Psychology
dedicated to these and similar studies.
The journal brings to light the effects of current events on
patient care–in this case, the rash of anti-LGBT initiatives
pushed over the last few years.  To find out more, visit the APA’s
site here.