Two Weeks ’til Creating Change!

The National Conference on LGBT Equality, Creating
is almost here! For more than 20 years, Creating Change
has brought together LGBT people and allies from all over the
country and all walks of life to build skills and share experiences
to create a more just world.

This year Creating Change will take place in Denver, Colorado from
January 28th-February 1st. The Family Equality Council is proud to
contribute to Creating Change in two key ways—producing the 2nd
Annual Family Institute and conducting two important workshops as
part of the Task Force Academy for Leadership and Action.

Academy Sessions:

1.  Lifting Voices–Organizing LGBT Families of

Based on the findings of our year-long survey and
engagement of LGBT families of color, this workshop will explore
instances of oppression and privilege within the LGBT family
community. Participants will identify elements of oppression and
privilege and work together to establish strategies for addressing
these issues. Participants will leave better prepared to make their
own communities and advocacy work inclusive of all LGBT families
and to better serve LGBT families of color

2.  New Frontiers in Family-Centered Organizing: Lessons
from California’s No on Proposition 8

In this training, Family Equality Council staff who worked directly
on the No on Proposition 8 Campaign will share their best
thinking about the challenges and opportunities associated with
this broad national/state partnership, what did and didn’t work
as family-centered organizing strategies, and how these lessons can
be applied to other political campaigns and, more generally, to all
kinds of family organizing efforts.

2nd Annual Family Institute:

This Year’s Theme: “Invisible Families: LGBTQ Families at the
Intersections of Race, Class and Gender.”

Presenters from local, state and national organizations will
explore some of the most pressing questions our families face:

  • As a multicultural and multiracial community, how do we address
    race in our families? With our children?
  • How inclusive of people of color are LGBTQ organizations and
    community events? How does class affect the ways we raise and
    create our families?
  • Do we divide parental duties evenly?
  • Is our parenting gendered? How so?

There’s still time to join us at Creating Change 2009. Visit the
website for information on accommodations and
registration today!