After Prop 8, California Family Sends Its First Holiday Letter

Many of you are familiar with the annual “holiday letter”. For some
it’s a card with a  family photo and a little note inscribed. For
others it’s a longer story written about the year’s highlights and
the year to come.

For the Hagerman-Holm Family of Highland, CA, this year’s holiday
letter (their first) is a chronicle of sorts, marking the historic
moment in their lives when they married last summer and the
historic moment in all our lives when Prop 8 passed on November 4.

I asked Sarah and Christine if I could share their letter with you as an example of an
easy, fun and meaningful way for LGBT families to share their
stories and make change. If you’ve got a family member, old friend
or other acquaintance you’ve been meaning to talk to about your
family, the need to support your family, etc., but have been
avoiding the conversation because of discomfort, something like a
holiday letter is a great way to say what you mean and start a

Thank you, Christine, Sarah, Matthew and Nicholas for sharing your
story and your family with us. We love receiving family letters,
holiday cards and other announcements here at Family Equality
Council, so to the rest of you, put us on your mailing list!

As always, we can be reached at:

Family Equality Council
PO Box 206
Boston, MA 02133