5 Tools for YOUR Family in 2009

There are countless ways to make the world a better place for our
families. From the “little things,” like making sure our kids know
that we’re proud of our families, so they have confidence in who
they are, to the “big things,” like organizing a group of local
families to support pro-equality legislation and elected officials,
there is no lack of opportunity when it comes to making change.

From Family Equality Council, here’s 5 tools we’ve created to help
you in your daily efforts to support and protect your family, your
loved ones, and the world around you:

1.  Publications

Want to talk to children–your own or others–about
LGBT families? Want a picture book or book of poems to show people
how great our families are? How about comprehensive information on
LGBT family policy? A guide to event and activity planning for your
local parents group? We’ve got you covered and then some with
Family Equality Council’s +25 publications designed with your family in

2.   Family Equality Wiki

Maybe you’ve heard the word “wiki” but aren’t sure what
it is; maybe you’re a wiki-pro. For those of you in the latter
group, a wiki is an online database maintained by users. The Family
Equality Council hosts a wiki so LGBT parents, family and friends can access
and keep updated information on resources for LGBT families–from
LGBT family-friendly adoption agencies and schools to lawyers,
doctors, therapists, cities, towns and more! It’s only as good as
you make it, though, so check it out and add your own experiences
for others to benefit from today.

3.   Local LGBT Parents Group Listing

Connecting with other LGBT parents in your own
community is an invaluable experience. You’ll find friends for your
kids, friends and allies for yourself, and all the knowledge and
support local community brings. There may be a LGBT parents group near you that you don’t even know
exists, or you may belong to a group that we don’t know
exists. And when we don’t know it exists, countless others who
access this listing looking for families to connect with don’t know
either. So check in, add your listing or update it

4.  Rainbow Report Card

Did you resolve in 2009 to get more active and engaged
in your child’s school? Are you unsure what to do or how to assess
how LGBT-friendly the climate there is? Fill out our popular
Rainbow Report Card questionnaire to see where your
school lands on the spectrum and receive customized recommendations
on how to improve your situation in return. Nine easy questions can
go a long way in making your family’s school experience

5. Banned Book Nook

In 2006 and 2007, And Tango Makes Three, a
book about male penguins raising a baby chick, topped the American
Library Association’s list as the most challenged book in the
country. The Family Equality Council seeks to end the challenging
of LGBT family-themed books in the U.S., but we need your help.
We’ve created a tool, the Banned
Book Nook
, that allows you to report when a book has been
challenged in your library or school. We can’t fight the challenges
if we don’t know they exist, so keep your eyes and ears open and
let us know!

These are just a few of the most popular resources we offer LGBT
parents, family and friends. As 2009 progresses, we’ll add more to
our growing list.

Have an idea for a resource you’d like to see? Leave a description
of it in the comments below!