Family Equality Council “Blogernation 2008” Begins

(That’s blog + hibernation – the “hib”, for folks who thought
something else was happening!)

It’s that time again–time for Family Equality Council to shut its
doors for the holidays. Our offices will officially be closed from
12pm, December 24th to January 1st. We’ll hit the ground running
for family equality again on January 2nd.

As the primary blogger for Family Equality Council, I’ll officially
be taking a break through the 2nd. (However, don’t be surprised if
you see a post or two over the next few days if something big comes
up. Team Family Equality has a “bad habit” of working a little on

It’s a good time of year for our contributing bloggers–Allyson, Dana, Fannie, James, Jamie, Jeff, Jim, John,
Nina, Sara, Trey and anyone else I missed
–to reflect on their
“year in family equality.” If you’re out there, fellow
contributors, feel free to post during this sleepy blog time 🙂

Happy Holidays, everyone, and thanks to all who contributed to our
Spread the Cheer Challenge. I’ll happily report on our
success in early January once all the numbers have been crunched.
(Word at the water cooler is, it was a great success!)

Speaking of gifts, there’s still time to make
before the end of the year. If you contribute to
organizations at the end of the year, consider giving to Family Equality Council now so that we may
continue to ensure equality for LGBT families by building
community, changing hearts and minds, and advancing social justice
for all families in 2009 and beyond!