New York Governor’s Marriage Directive: Gift that Keeps on Giving!

A few months back we told you about New York Governor David
Paterson’s move towards marriage equality in New York
State. The Governor issued a directive to state agencies saying
essentially this: New York should equally recognize same-sex
residents’ valid out-of-state marriages.
(New York still does
not have marriage equality itself.)

In other words, if you are a gay or lesbian couple living in New
York and you get married in Connecticut, then New York should treat
your marriage as equal to any other!

The benefits of this directive are unfolding over time. Just this
week news outlets began reporting that lesbian
couples creating or expanding their families through birth have won
the right to have the non-bio mom listed as a parent on the birth
certificate when the child is born. This is a strong step toward
full equality in family recognition law. (Note: Legal experts still
strongly encourage families to puruse second-parent adoptions to
ensure the fullest family protection until the laws around this
issue are firmed up.)

As we continue to respond to the terrible and very visible passage
of Proposition 8 in California, it’s important to note that
progress is being made. So, congratulations, New Yorkers, on living
in a state one step closer to full family equality. We look forward
to working with you to get all the way there!