Correction: MTPC lead sponsor of MA transgender nondiscrimination bill

Last week Jennifer Chrisler, Executive Director of Family Equality
Council, published an op-ed on Huffington Post. Her
piece addressed “Stonewall 2.0,” or the idea that the combination
of outrage over Prop 8 and other measures and social networking and
online activism is a new and powerful moment for LGBT equality.

In the op-ed, Jennifer gave an example of the kinds of organizing
opportunities Stonewall 2.0 presents. The example was Mass
Equality’s Nov. 15 volunteer sign-up effort for the transgender
nondiscrimination bill under consideration in MA. (Nov. 15 was the
date of the nationally coordinated rallies against Prop 8–largely
organized by a new group,

In the same paragraph, Mass Equality is listed as the “the lead
organization advocating for a transgender nondiscrimination bill
here in the Bay State.” While Mass Equality is a core partner in
the coalition to pass the bill, as is the Family Equality Council,
the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC)
is and has been the lead organization advocating for a gender
identity and gender expression non-discrimination bill and
transgender equality in Massachusetts for years.

It’s important that organizations–their leaders and dedicated
supporters–receive credit for the hard work they do.
Unintentionally we missed an opportunity to give MTPC credit for
its leadership on the very important issue of eradicating
discrimination against transgender and gender non-conforming