Jennifer Chrisler on Huffington Post, Addresses “Stonewall 2.0”

Jennifer Chrisler, Executive Director of Family Equality Council,
has just published an op-ed on Huffington Post, the
leading online newspaper. Millions of people read Huffington Post
on a regular basis. This is great visibility for our families!

Here’s an excerpt from Jennifer’s post on the subject of “Stonewall
2.0,” or the idea that the outrage over Prop 8 and other anti-gay,
anti-family measures passed in November combined with new
technologies and social networking tools has created a new turning
point in the LGBT movement for equality:

“If you’ve been around as long as I have (not too long,
I hope) you come to realize that moments like this are most often
what we make of them. The history of social movements is never
linear. There is always some back and forth. Since the last upsurge
in street-oriented activism some twenty year ago, we’ve made
astounding progress on LGBT equality — both legally and socially.
This progress came in the courts and state legislatures, in our
healthcare system and faith communities, in corporate America and
community organizations alike. It came through one-on-one
conversations — tough conversations with loved ones and strangers
that few of us like to have. And it came through outrage, protests,
boycotts, blogging, emailing, online actions and more. It came in
many ways, and it must continue in many ways — as many ways as a
diverse America can dream up.”

Read the full post here.

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