Upset About the Election? Create Change!

Now is the time for you to join us at The National
Conference on LGBT Equality: Creating Change!

The presidential election is not far behind us and for the first
time in eight years we have an unprecedented opportunity to move
the LGBT movement and the issues that are most important to every
aspect of the LGBT community.

This is why attending The National Conference on LGBT Equality:
Creating Change is a must this year — a must! There is
much work to be done within the LGBT movement and across all of our
movements and Creating Change provides us all with an important
venue for strategic thinking, planning and action. Join us in
Denver, Colo., from Jan. 28-Feb. 1, 2009.

The Family Equality Council is partnering with the National Gay and
Lesbian Task Force to bring its most seasoned trainers and training
content to the Academy for Leadership and Action, a leadership
development and skill-building training program. The academy will
feature high-level courses, including those facilitated by faculty
from Family Equality Council, and we want you and your colleagues
to join us for this unique and exciting learning opportunity.

The Family Equality Council is also leading the 2nd Annual Family
Institute, or day-long, LGBT family-focused workshop for Creating
Change participants. This year the theme of the institute is
“Invisible Families: LGBTQ Families at the Intersections of Race,
Class and Gender.” Presenters from local, state and national
organizations will explore some of the most pressing questions our
families face:

  • As a multicultural and multiracial community, how do we address
    race in our families? With our children?
  • How inclusive of people of color are LGBTQ organizations and
    community events?
  • How does class affect the ways we raise and create our
  • Do we divide parental duties evenly?
  • Is our parenting gendered? How so?

As we’ve seen in the last few weeks, building a stronger, more
inclusive community, truly reflective of the diversity of LGBTQ
families and our allies, is necessary to ensure our equality and
move our families forward.

Attending Creating Change and participating in the Academy for
Leadership and Action is critical this year because “we have every
reason to believe that the same people who have pushed these
anti-marriage amendments the last few years will now push foster
care and adoption bans that affect not just our abilities as
parents to create and expand our families, but also the rights of
children to find loving, permanent homes,” says Jennifer Chrisler,
Executive Director of Family Equality Council. “There is no more
important time than now for LGBTQ families to stand up and get
ready to lead in this next series of struggles that will
undoubtedly attack us at our very hearts–our families.”

For more about Creating Change and to get full details about
registering for the conference and Academy for Leadership and
Action check out:

We look forward to seeing you in Denver!