I’m here, I’m queer and I’m spreading the cheer.

Watching the news, reading the paper and browsing my favorite
blogs, I am reminded that “cheer” isn’t on many of our minds
this holiday season. But I also know this: a little joy goes a long

That’s why I’ve decided to participate in Family Equality
Council’s Spread the Cheer Challenge. What is the Spread the
Cheer Challenge
? I’m glad you asked. If 300
individuals that support family equality make a contribution of any amount before
midnight on December 20th, then we’ll win $25,000 for our

How can you get involved? First, donate! Remember ALL donations—big or
small—count towards our goal of 300 contributions. Second, invite
your friends, family, coworkers, Facebook friends, MySpace buddies
and everyone else in your social network to participate in the
Spread the Cheer Challenge.

Asking your friends and family to participate in this challenge
might take an extra minute or two—but $25,000 can do so much to
propel this movement forward. What better way to spread the cheer
than by involving everyone you know? And let’s face it, we could
all use a little more cheer.

I know 300 donors is a big goal, but our plans for 2009 are
ambitious! We need everyone to participate in order to keep our
important work for your families going strong.

So let’s meet this challenge together. Today, I donated in honor
of my family. Won’t you please do the same?


P.S. The deadline is fast approaching—so act now!

P.P.S. Feel free to link your family and friends to this page when
encouraging them to participate.