LGBT Foster Parents, Children Respond to Anti-Family Votes in Federal Way Paper

Family Equality Council supporter Rachel Smith-Mosel submitted a
letter to the editor to her local paper, the Federal Way
, reacting to the passage of Prop 8 in California and
Act 1 in Arkansas. Rachel and her wife Sandy are proud parents and
foster parents. Here’s an excerpt from the letter and a link to the
full text below:

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On election night, we pulled out sleeping bags and gave every
child an outline map of the USA. With every state ready to color
in, the excitement built. Expecting it to be a long night, we
planned to pull an all-nighter with the family sleeping out in the
living room by the TV awaiting the news.

Obama’s election was celebrated with joyous tears and cheers!
Like so many parents, I looked into the eyes of my 9-month-old
African American foster child and whispered, “You can truly
become and do anything.”

The morning news of Proposition 8 in California repealing our
marriage was crushing. Then to hear about Arkansas banning gay
foster parents… this scared our children. One looked at us
frightened that they would take him away. We had to allay his fears
while inside shaking with horror and disbelief that this was really
happening in America — and on such a day of promise and new

Click here to read the letter in full.