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12:55am, EST — Prop 8 votes are
being counted. It looks like Act 1 in Arkansas has passed, banning
all unmarried cohabtating couples from fostering and adopting
children. Amendment 2, the Florida marriage ban, has stayed
consistent at 62% supporting and 38% opposing with 95% of
precincts reporting (the ban needs at least 60% of the vote to
pass, so it’s still very, very close). We won’t know the outcomes
of these ballot questions until very early this morning at
least. I’m going to close down our blog coverage for the night.
We’ll resume in the morning and release further statements on the
outcomes of Electon ’08.  

Goodnight and good luck to our friends, families
and colleagues in California. Our thoughts are with you.

11:37pm, EST — Obama is about
to speak. McCain has conceded.

On the props:

Unfortunately, CNN has called Proposition
, the Arizona marriage ban: 56% of voters support the
ban; 46%, oppose (with 71% of precincts reporting). Our hearts go
out to the LGBT and allied community in Arizona who worked so hard
to defeat Prop 102 this year and in 2006. You were the first state
to beat back a marriage amendment at the polls. Your hard work and
determination has contributed so much to our movement for equality.
For our part, we will continue to work to ensure that LGBT families
in Arizona are as respected and protected as possible.

California numbers are finally coming in. At
present, CNN has 54% supporting Prop 8 (yes votes) and 46% opposing
Prop 8 (no votes) with 8% of the precincts reporting. No
predictions yet, but exit polling leans in our favor with 52%
opposing and 48% supporting. Stay tuned for updates.

11:01pm, EST — ABC NEWS
+270 electoral votes.  

10:53pm, EST — The Harfourd
Courant has called Question 1…Connecticut will NOT be holding a
constitutional convention!

10:26pm, EST — First news in from
Arizona on Proposition 102, the marriage ban. ABC News 15 (Phoenix)
is reporting 57% voting Yes on the amendment, 43% voting No with
nearly 30% of the precincts reporting. Hopefully the larger
precincts, where there should be mroe No votes, have not yet

It’s 7:30pm, PST in California — still half an
hour to get out and vote NO on Prop 8 there. Spread the

10:05pm, EST — With 40% of the
vote counted, Question 1 is losing 60% to 40% in Connecticut! Go,
Connecticut, go! 

9:28pm, EST — First news on the
props, including Connecticut’s Question 1 (whether to hold a
constitutional convention or not, in which marriage equality might
be attacked):

The Sun Sentinel, a leading Florida newspaper,
shows the Florida marriage ban (Amendment 2) too close to call
with 62% supporting the amendment and 38% opposed (48% of precincts
reporting). That ban is too close to call because it needs at
least 60% of the vote. At just 62% with less than half of
precincts reporting, it is too close to call.

On Connecticut’s Question 1, 21% of precincts are
reporting and Question 1 is losing (according to the Harftord
Courant)! We might avoid a constitutional convention fight over
marriage equality. More to come!

Share your election stories and information in
the comments!

8:26pm, EST — A slew of states
called for Obama totaling somewhere between 70 and 105 electoral
votes, with just a few states called for McCain. Nothing surprising
yet — some interesting breakdowns and projections on different
population groups voting for Obama or McCain. We’ll let the experts
tell you about that.

No news yet on Prop 8, Prop 102, Act 1 or Amendment
2. If you live in CA, AZ, AR or FL and have some on the
ground information or a story to share, please leave it in the
comments below.
Help keep our information accurate and

7:17pm, EST — Polls are closing
and results are coming in! We’re opening up our Front Seat Election
Coverage ’08 post. Plenty of news organizations will report on
House and Senate races. We’re going to focus on the presidential
election and the anti-equality ballot measures in CA (Prop 8), AZ
), AR (Act
) and FL (Amendment 2).