Update: Nov. 12 Targeted for CT Marriages

In the original post below, published two days ago, reports
indicated Nov. 10 as the start date for same-sex marriages in CT.
That date has changed and is now set for Nov. 12.
See GLAD for
more information on the logistics of CT marriages. Thanks!

It appears unlikely that parties involved in the recent
Kerrigan equal marriage case in CT will ask the court to
reconsider its decision. The state can prepare to marry same-gender
couples without threat of controversy. New marriage licenses are
being drawn up. Officials expect same-gender couples to be able to
marry by November 10. Now that’s what I call a quick

Read Family Equality Council’s statement on the Kerrigan
decision here.

For those couples who have a civil union in CT, questions loom.
Here are a couple of short answers and links to resources to find
out more:

Question: My partner and I already have a civil union. We’re not
interested in getting married. Can we keep our civil union?

Answer: For now, yes, you can keep your civil union. They are still
legally valid. Whether the legislature will decide to alter the
civil union structure in CT now that marriage is legal is yet to be

Question: My partner and I are in a civil union but we want to get
married. How does that work?

Answer: So long as you’re planning to marry the person you are
currently in a civil union with, you can do so without dissolving
the civil union first.

Gay and Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, the legal organization
that brought the Kerrigan case to the courts, has more
information on the case and getting married in CT. They also happen
to be our neighbors here in Boston; their offices are just down the
street. Check out their resources here: http://www.glad.org/work/cases/kerrigan-info