Passing the Torch: A Message from Co-Chair, Ken Manford

As I conclude my tenure as co-chair of the board of directors of
the Family Equality Council, I wanted to reflect on the experience
and thank all the wonderful people that supported my work. The
Family Equality Council is very fortunate to be led by an amazing
group of volunteers from around the country and I will always be
proud of our contributions. It has been an honor to lead a board of
talented, committed individuals and have the privilege of sharing
those leadership responsibilities with Kim Bergman as my co-chair
and Jennifer Chrisler as our Executive Director. It was such a joy
to work with a co chair that is talented, thoughtful, generous, and
a great mentor. Thank you for everything Kim! I also want to thank
Jennifer for her support and professionalism – I am forever
grateful for the work you do on behalf of the organization and our

The board has elected Rob Keeling as the new co-chair and I could
not be more delighted. Rob will be an outstanding leader and I’m
looking forward to serving as a director under his leadership.
I’m confident that he will benefit from Kim’s mentoring in the
next year as she completes her last year as co-chair.