Join Us October 29 for Write to Marry Day

Please join bloggers around the country and around the world on
Wednesday, October 29 to blog in support of marriage equality for
same-sex couples and against California’s Proposition 8.

The event will give bloggers a chance to voice their opposition to
Prop 8 and highlight what they may have already done, online or
off, to stop the measure. The campaign will also educate California
voters of the need to “go all the way” down the ballot to vote on
the proposition.

To participate, post on your own blog against Prop 8 on or before
October 29, 2008, then visit
to submit the link to your post. Links to your own
videos on YouTube or other video sites are also accepted. All
participants who leave a valid e-mail address will be entered into
a drawing for a $50 gift certificate to

I will showcase the full list of participants at Mombian on October 29.

Many of you have already done much to try and stop Prop 8 in
California, donating and raising money, blogging, and talking with
friends and family. Thanks! Please share your efforts and post
about them for Write to Marry Day, or submit a link to a previous
post. This will help us create a comprehensive view of bloggers’
efforts to stop Prop 8.

I urge you to spread the word about this event as widely as
possible. All bloggers who are against Prop 8 are welcome to
contribute posts, regardless of where they live or whether they are
LGBT or not.

Many thanks for helping to preserve the right to marry for all
citizens of California. A step backwards here could have negative
repercussions in many other states as well. I’ve never believed our
country is about taking away people’s right to happiness. Let’s
make sure it isn’t.