Arkansas Update: New Poll Numbers, Ad Released

Arkansas Families First, the statewide coalition
working to defeat Act 1, the proposed constitutional amendment to
ban all unmarried, cohabitating couples (including gays and
lesbians) from fostering and adopting children, has released a new,
compelling ad:

Meanwhile, the Arkansas Poll, a nonpartisan organization that
conducts statewide polls on important issues each year, has
released new numbers on Act 1.

The poll finds 55% of respondents oppose Act 1, 38% favor it, while
just 3% don’t know or refused to answer.

We like good poll numbers, but we know that voters on Election Day
decide these important questions, not pollsters on the phone. We
must still do all we can to ensure Act 1’s defeat. To find out how,
visit Arkansas Families First today!

Interestingly, in 2007 almost as many Arkansans were opposed to the
idea of gay and lesbian people fostering and adopting children as
are now opposed to Act 1! From the Arkansas Poll’s press

asked whether they favored or opposed Arkansas Proposed Initiative
Act 1, which would prevent anyone who cohabitates outside a valid
marriage from adopting or fostering a child, 55 percent opposed the
initiative. Some proponents have advocated for Act 1 to prevent
adoption and foster parenting by gays and lesbians, and the 2007
Arkansas Poll had revealed that 53 percent of Arkansans supported
prohibiting adoption and fostering by gays and lesbians. Even so,
when it comes to voting for Act 1, Arkansans appear to be rejecting
a blanket prohibition.

“’Personal feelings about an issue can be different from policy
preferences,’ Parry said. ‘After looking at this issue for several
years, it seems to me that many Arkansans – both liberals and
conservatives – are uncomfortable dictating the family
arrangements of others, whether they agree with them or not.’”