South Florida Families Speaking Out Against FL Marriage Ban

The Sun-Sentinel recently published a great story on LGBT
families in South Florida speaking out against Amendment 2, the
Florida marriage ban on the ballot this November.

Michael Mayo, a regular news columnist for the Sun-Sentinel, spent
an afternoon with families from the South
Florida Family Pride
parents group at a local park,
interviewing parents and kids about their feelings on the marriage

Adelle Barsky-Moore, 5 years old, asked her daddies why they were
telling people not to vote. From the article:

“Barsky explained they want people to vote, but were telling them
to vote no on the amendment. He explained it wouldn’t allow two
moms or two dads to get married.

“‘She got really upset and started crying,’ Barsky said. ‘She said,
“If it passes, does that mean you and daddy have to break

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For All Families